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Press Release - Partnership between Sportifan & CEMS

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Sportifan Ventures Limited is pleased to announce long term strategic partnership with CEMS (Celebrity Engagement Monetisation Stack). We at Sportifan believe in harnessing innovation in sports and in CEMS we found the right kind of partner to catalyse the same. This partnership will see Sportifan & CEMS to launch new product(s) wherein Sportifan will look after the Business Development & Marketing whereas CEMS will look after the Technical Development.

About Sportifan: Sportifan Ventures Limited is a Sports Marketing consultancy firm which specializes in Sports Education, Marketing Consultancy & Sports Technology.

About CEMS: Celebrity Engagement Monetisation Stack is a tech brand which specializes in product for celebrity engagement & monetization.

To know more about our new venture mail to -

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