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Date: 09/07/2021


The Board of Directors at Sportifan Ventures Limited is proud to announce that Mr. Arup Soans has joined the Board of Stakeholders in the company. He will take up the role of Director of Global Strategy.

Mr. Arup Soans is a sports business veteran. He is the Former Head of Marketing, LOC FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 & CEO, KiteTalks. He also formerly worked with brands like MLS, AFC, Perform group to name a few. He is an alumnus of New York University.

Statement from Board members

Arko Biswas, Director: What started over 3 years ago as an inquisitive conversation on how to work in sports has come in a long way. From being a mentor to working together as a colleague. Really excited to have Arup in the team , looking forward to achieve great goals together as Sportifan

Sarthak Mondal, Director: “Having known Mr. Soans for over a year now, I think he will add a new dimension to our organisation and lead us to success. Looking forward to working with him.”

Samrat Ghosh, Head of Operations: “Inclusion of a legend like Mr. Arup Soans will surely boost the plan for Sportifan ahead. With Arup’s experience onboard we aim to achieve new dimensions in the Sports Business domain. My best wishes to him & really excited about the journey ahead”

Statement from Mr. Arup Soans:

The global sports industry is poised to experience many long-term changes both operationally and technologically. Sportifan, under a young and ambition driven leadership are moving in the right direction to be part of that change. All three areas of operation - technology, fan engagement and sports education are ones with potential to service a global audience. I look forward to working more closely with this great group and together propel the solid groundwork already put in place.

Issued By

Board of Directors

Sportifan Ventures Limited

Download the official copy of Press Release here :

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