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SportiFan is a Sport Business Management firm helping organizations unleash their potential of  interacting with fans as a business working out of offices in UK and India.

Founded in 2019, the vision of SportiFan is to connect sports fans, professionals, venues and clubs like never before to enhance the customer journey. We believe in two things, imagination has wings and it is right to dream; and keeping clubs ahead with the expectations from fans. Clients have turned to us as we are a professional Marketing Consulting Firm that’s ready to deliver tailored solutions on time.

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We put the needs of our clients first. Here is a list of the services we offer.

Sportifan Sports Education


We used advanced performance analysis metrics to identify the true potential of a team. These details can be used by coaches and officials to help enhance the performance of the team. As a team, we are investing our efforts to develop and fine tune these metrics. Click here to know more about the analysis

Sportifan Fan Engagement


Our predictive sports analysis uses historical data and tweaks them to forecast the possible, probable and plausible future of a sports match or an entire tournament. Our expert team of experienced data editors can guide you in how to get the best value from this predictive content. Click here to know more about this analysis

Sportifan Sports Technology


Our newest vertical. Sports and Technology run in unison in this 21st Century World. There's a constant urge for up-gradation in Sports Tech with the increase in the competitive scenario of the Global Sports Industry. At Sportifan we aim to make quality tech available to the remotest part of this Sporting World through innovation.

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Arko Biswas

Arko Biswas


Arko pursued his MBA in Marketing from Indian Institute of Management, Raipur. He was the a co-founder of healthcare start-up which was adjudged the best student run start-up from Asia in USWC 2018, Copenhagen. Besides having strong connection in sports industry, he is an avid follower of sports like football, cricket and F1.

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We have seen world adapting to the new normal in 2020. We have taken lessons to create and harness new innovations. Sustainability is the Future of Sports.

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